New Features Added to ProposalPoint

The last couple of months have been very busy for us at ProposalPoint with a number of agents very excited to get their hands on their new ProposalPoint templates and start sending them to potential vendors and landlords. We have been receiving excellent feedback around this exciting new appraisal technology but we also collate this feedback to provide new and improved features that our users are requesting to make it faster and easier to create even better sales and management appraisals and pre-listing kits.

We have released a number of new features and you can see more info on these exciting new updates below.

1. Simple and montage layout for photo gallery

You are now able to choose two display options for the photo gallery of a potential clients property on your proposals. This allows you to choose between a more traditional gallery layout or the modern looking montage layout. This allows you to easily change the look and feel of the proposal based on the client and images available.

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2. New campaign calendar

We have redesigned the way you create campaign calendars to make this a much more simple and intuitive process. You will now see a visual calendar while creating a campaign and you can easily choose multiple events from a drop down list.

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3. Hide photo gallery option

We have received requests to have the ability to quickly and easily hide the whole photo gallery in a proposal. It is now as simple as the click of a mouse.

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4. Option to not recommend a method of sale

A number of agents have requested this option in the case where you want to display the different methods of sale available but not make a recommendation in the proposal you’re creating.

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5. Delete option in media library

When ProposalPoint is being used regularly and/or by large teams it is easy for the media library to become a bit cluttered if you’re uploading lots of your own content. We have now added the option to permanently delete content that is no longer required.

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