New ProposalPoint Features Added in June

ProposalPoint added 3 new features in June. These features are aimed at keeping our users informed of updates to the platform and other important messages as well as having a resources for help easily available. You can find more information no these features below;

Notification Center:

ProposalPoint have added a notification center so users can see the latest alerts they have received around their proposals.

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Manually Enter Property Address:

You are now able to manually enter an address for your proposals if your data source (Pricefinder, RP Data / CoreLogic etc.) is not able to find the address. Agents have expressed frustration when a property they were creating a proposal for was not able to be found in their data source. This feature allows you to manually enter the property address and choose the point on the map for that property.

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Knowledge Base:

We have added a knowledge base to ProposalPoint so users can access training materials and video demonstrations of new and existing features within the ProposalPoint platform.

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