New Feature: Redesigned Campaign Calendar

We have redesigned the way you create campaign calendars to make this a much more simple and intuitive process. You will now see a visual calendar while creating a campaign and you can easily choose multiple events from a drop down list.

Once you have added the typical events that will occur in a marketing campaign to the event list you are quickly able to create calendars from 1 to 8 weeks using these events. You are also now able to choose colours to highlight days or events.

Once a campaign calendar has been selected for a proposal you are able to make changes to the calendar (add or remove events/colours) for that particular proposal only. This feature has been requested so if a campaign only has a few differences you do not need to create a whole new calendar which can save agents a lot of time.

The calendars can still be displayed in the traditional horizontal view or the vertical layout depending what you choose when creating the proposal.