ProposalPoint Updates and New Features

October was a massive month in regards to ProposalPoint updates. We have been loving the feedback we are receiving around how ProposalPoint is making a real world difference to real estate agents when pitching their services and value proposition to potential clients but we also value the suggestions we receive on how we can improve ProposalPoint to make it more efficient and provide the tools and features that help real estate agents on the front line.

We have released a number of new features and you can see more info on these updates below.

1. Pricefinder Search Update

We have upgraded the Pricefinder search tool to make it much easier to narrow down your search results within ProposalPoint to quickly find the most relevant recent comparable sales and current properties for sale or lease to add your CMAs to your proposal.

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2. Include Re-marketing Tracking Codes

You can now embed your tracking codes in your proposals so you can target your Google and social media advertisements at potential clients who have viewed a proposal you sent. This is very powerful as it means if you use paid online advertising you are able to make sure your ads will “follow” your potential clients around the internet while they are browsing the web or using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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3. Testimonials and References

We have upgraded the testimonials and references section of ProposalPoint so the lead and secondary agents testimonials will automatically be selected when a proposal is being created in their name. This reduces clutter when you are creating a proposal and makes it much easier to select your most relevant testimonials and references.

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4. Default Commission Structure

We have made a updated ProposalPoint so you can set a default commission structure for each proposal you create. This feature has been requested so you can save time with each electronic real estate appraisal you create. Having the default set means this information will be pre entered for every appraisal but you can always edit or remove the default data for a individual proposal if required.

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5. Default Proposal Expiry

We have made a change to ProposalPoint which allows you to have a default expiry time period set for your proposals. This means you can set each proposal to automatically expire after a chosen number of days, weeks, months or years. This is a handy feature if you want to make sure you do not have out of date CMAs, price estimates etc. viewable to potential clients.

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6. Agent Video Placeholder

We have upgraded the backend of ProposalPoint so each user can include a link to a YouTube video which will appear in their proposals under “Your Sales Team.” This means you can easily include a video where you introduce yourself and your services to your potential clients.

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7. Team Section

We have updated the backend of ProposalPoint so that you are able to manage your team members quickly and easily. You are able to add, update or delete users by having your account admin login and make the changes.

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