New Feature: Team Section

We have updated the backend of ProposalPoint so that you are able to manage your team members quickly and easily. You are able to add, update or delete users by having your account admin login and make the changes.

There are two types of users of ProposalPoint – users and account admins. Account admins are essentially the owners or managers of the account and are able to view and edit all user’s profiles. A user is usually an agent, BDM or member of the support team who will be able to create, edit and view their own proposals and stats but not those of other users.

A user and an account admin can be either a licensed user or not. A licensed user is able to be listed as the lead or a secondary agent on a proposal. A non licensed user will only be able to appear as a member of the licensed users support team. If you are not a licensed user and you need to send a proposal in your name you will need to speak to an account amin to make you a licensed user.