New ProposalPoint Features Added in January

Our team continues to deliver innovative features to ProposalPoint in 2020. The four new features released in January integrate seamlessly within the existing foundations of ProposalPoint, enhancing the user experience. Real estate professionals can feel confident that ProposalPoint continues to be the leading digital real estate proposal platform in the industry.

You can see more details of these features below:

DocuSign Integration:

DocuSign is one of the most reliable and trusted platforms worldwide for electronic signatures. We have integrated with DocuSign to allow our clients to offer a digital agreement at the end of a proposal so their clients can digitally sign the agreement to proceed with the proposal.

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Rex Integration:

This is an exciting new feature that we have added to the ProposalPoint repertoire with our latest update for the month of January. You can now login to your Rex account via ProposalPoint interface and instantly pull in data for a listing or an appraisal that you have created.

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Our Top Sales:

We have now added the ability to have another section in the proposal to highlight your top sales. Similar to “Our Recent Sales” section, this section also uses a variety of search filters to return properties from your stock including Bed, Bath, Car, Price Suburb, Property Type, Agent and Timeframe. You can also search by address by entering a keyword.

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Commission Structure – No GST Option:

In the Proposal Editor, you are now able to have a No GST option for the Commission structure. This means that if you are an International agent who is based outside Australia where GST is not applicable, then you can choose this option.

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