New ProposalPoint Features Added in March

Our product team focuses 100% of it’s day on building the most innovative, forward-thinking and result-driven digital proposal solution for the real estate industry that is simple to use, highly customisable and results in winning more listings. ProposalPoint has been embraced by real estate professionals all around Australia to transform their proposals and we are constantly gathering feedback from our users to improve our digital real estate proposal platform.

We have released a number of new features and you can see more info on these updates below.

1. Duplicate Proposals

When you are creating a proposal for a similar property to what you have recently pitched for you can now save time by duplicating an existing proposal and then only having to update the sections you want to.

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2. Select multiple agents for testimonials

You are now able to select multiple agents when adding a testimonial to ProposalPoint. This makes it much faster and easier to add testimonials in one go if the feedback is for multiple real estate agents, property managers or even your whole team!

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3. Edit Content Block Names

You can now edit your content block names / titles in the settings section of ProposalPoint. This means you are easily able to evolve your digital real estate proposal templates over time or experiment with different headings to see if it improves your conversion rates.

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4. Intuitive Property Features

You can now choose to add a Property Feature to the Default Library when you are adding a new Property Feature to a proposal you are creating. This means if you need to add a common Property Feature you do not need to add it in the setting. You simply select “Add to default library” and it will now be an option for all proposals you are creating.

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