General FAQs Around The Product
  • Is Proposalpoint a standalone dashboard with separate log-in? Can it be integrated into any CRM dashboards?
    Proposalpoint is a standalone dashboard, but sold listings can feed from a real estate CRM system. Depending on what CRM system you use, we can look to integrate the proposals and statistics back into your CRM system.
  • What data feeds back into a customer’s real estate CRM?
    It depends on the CRM the client uses.
    We’re integrating CRMs on a case by case basis depending on requests and the popularity of the CRM
  • What is the extent of analytics?
    The analytics will record these conditions:
    • When the Proposal was opened
    • Proposals not opened
    • Number of proposals accepted
    • Number of proposals waiting for acceptance
    • Average commission value over a period of time
    • Average property price value over a period of time
    • An Agent can also be alerted when customer opens Proposal
    • An Agent can be alerted weekly around proposals that have not been viewed


  • What is Proposalpoint using for the comparative sales?
    Is the comparative sales API pulled from CoreLogic?
    How about the current and sold comparators available like a CMA, is Proposalpoint using their account?
    Or only Agency Sales via CRM XML feed?
    Proposalpoint data is pulled from Pricefinder where we use our account, so clients don’t need a Pricefinder account. In light of that, Proposalpoint is looking to integrate with Corelogic. As soon as the API access provides us with details, we will integrate with Corelogic.

    Our goal here is to allow the client to choose the most appropriate option for Comparative Sales.

  • Is the pricing count on ‘users’ rather than # of agents? Or Number of active proposals?
    Proposalpoint price in based on the number of agents who use the proposals. They can have as many assistants or admin users as they like. Here is the pricing information.
  • About retargeting whose pixel data is Proposalpoint using?
    We can run campaigns on behalf of the customer, as we’re more than happy to add the client’s tracking code, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • What about pipeline reminders, is it in the product? Or pushed through to CRM?
    Pipeline reminders are in the product now that are sent via emails, but we can look to push these to the CRM system which the client is using
  • Which one is automated or manual regarding the contents here: Campaign Calendar, Photo Imagery, Inclusions, etc.?A setup fee is charged as there are a lot of options about how we can configure it. We tend to ask clients to explain their current process and how they see this product fitting in. Afterwards,we build a solution that fits in their processes rather than have them adjust their processes to account for an off-the-shelf product.
  • Is it downloadable to PDF?
    All proposals can be converted to a PDF on the frontend.