Pricing That Makes Sense

Our plans give you the flexibility to get the right proposal solution, tailored to your business, to impress vendors & landlords and ultimately win more listings.
Real Estate
$70 /month
(+ GST)
Small Real
Estate Team
$180 /month
(+ GST)
Medium Real
Estate Team
$290 /month
(+ GST)
Larger Teams
& Offices
Custom Pricing
Number of Licenses 1 5 10 10+
Number of Proposal Templates 1 1 1 1
Setup Fee $1,275 +GST $1,275 +GST $1,275 +GST Custom Pricing
Frontend Features        
Mobile & tablet responsive
Unlimited proposals
Print to PDF
Proposal Flexibility        
Ability to update proposal default content
Ability to change default content types
Customer Engagement        
Real-time alerts when proposals are opened
One click online vendor acceptance
Ad retargeting
Data around location, how long viewed
Heat Mapping for each proposal*
Session replay around customer engagement*
Pricefinder/CoreLogic Integration
Sold/Leased listings automate from major CRM systems
Ability to create proposals from Agentbox and REX
Engagement stats for proposals sent back to Agentbox and REX
Digital signing through DocuSign*
TrustPilot Integration
PropertyAnalytics Integration
Helpdesk support
Telephone support
Best practice proposal consultation
Account Manager
Optional Extras        
Additional Template Configuration Cost $775 + GST $775 + GST $775 + GST Contact us
Additional Monthly Cost Per User $50 + GST $50 + GST $50 + GST Contact us
Custom Template Creation from Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
Custom PDF Creation Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
Custom Integration Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us