Digital Proposal Account Setup

Once we have configured your ProposalPoint account we then need to build out your proposal template(s).

Our proposal software has a high degree of flexibility in relation to the features and configuration options so its important we understand your exact needs before we configure your templates. We achieve this by having an initial consultation session with you to discuss your current processes you use within your business from lead, providing information through to conversion of the sale. Its important to remember you don’t need to adjust your sales process to accommodate our software but rather we can configure our software to meet your business needs. We can even build a complete bespoke solution the only limitation is time and your budget.

Once we agree on how the proposal will be configured we then start on the proposal build. This process is broken down into the following 4 stages:

  1. Content Preparation (Client completes this)
  2. Proposal Creation (We complete this)
  3. Proposal Feedback (Client completes this)
  4. Adjustments, Training & Launch (We complete this)

1. Content Preparation

We allocate all clients with a shared folder where they will upload the collateral and provide feedback around the proposal template once we have created this.

To get started, we require you to fill in the template files with the content that you require for your Proposals in text format. The documents are pre-filled with default text from our sample proposals allowing you to use, change or replace for your actual template. You’ll also need to load and reference the images you would like to appear in your proposal.

The sample templates can be found below:

  1. Template 1 – Information Brochure
  2. Template 2 – Sales Proposal
  3. Template 3 – Management Proposal

Some other items we need to understand at this point in time include:

  • The next thing you will need to do is provide a list of all staff who need to appear within proposals or access the software. In this list you’ll need to indicate who are the Licensed Users who are required to have valid subscriptions to the software. Read more around that here.
  • We also need to understand what CRM system you currently use so we can enable a property feed for all of your sold listings
  • Lastly, we need to know whether you would like to choose Pricefinder or CoreLogic as the source of your Comparable Listing data.

2. Proposal Creation

Once you have provided us with all the content from Step 1 for each of your proposal templates, we will then configure your account. This usually takes a few days after which we will deliver you a link to sample proposals where you can provide a round of feedback in relation to changes. At the same time we will provide you with the login details for all the users who have accounts and we’ll demonstrate how you can manage content and use the proposal software.

3. Proposal Feedback

As part of the configuration process you are allowed 1 round of feedback in relation to your proposal. Any feedback required beyond this round is outside the existing setup fee and quote, and will require an additional quote. You will be provided with a link to a file where you can provide us feedback around your proposal. We suggest you take your time in reviewing the proposal and seek feedback from other members of your organisation.

4. Adjustments & Launch

At this stage, we complete the feedback you have provided and prepare the proposal for launch. Prior to launch, we will provide you with our training materials and also any training you require. We are then available to help you launch your first proposal, after which we move your project to our support team.