How Licensed Users are Calculated for an Account

The ongoing fees for ProposalPoint are based around the number of licensed users are required in an account.

A licensed users is classified as a user who appears as the lead or second, third, or forth contact on a proposal. Staff that appear in the Support Team section aren’t classified as licensed users.

All of your staff will be provided with individual logins regardless as to whether they are a licensed user and you can then elect who your licensed users are.

Why do we structure pricing this way?

We’ve explored multiple pricing structures and found the best way to price the product was to target the pricing towards the stakeholders who receive the greatest benefit from the product. From our experience the lead agents or BDMs are responsible for the sale and invariably receive the benefit from the lead converting into a sale.

What happens if you have no licensed users left in your plan?

When you go to add an additional licensed user you will prompted with a notification that you must contact our support team and request your account is upgraded to the next plan. Plans can be upgraded or downgraded instantly with billings starting at the beginning of the next month.