Win more listings by knowing when to call potential clients

Technology within the real estate industry is becoming smarter, especially in the areas associated with winning more real estate listings. One particular area of enhanced technology innovation is in relation to the conversion of appraisal to listing.

Some astute agents are now using digital proposals to help decide when next to follow up with a prospective vendor or landlord about their proposal. Not only is this digital proposal software helping agents and property managers decide when to call potential clients, it’s also giving them insights in relation to how keen the client may be in using the services of the agent.

What information does ProposalPoint provide?
Each time a potential client opens their proposal an email is instantly sent to the agent to alert them the client has opened the proposal. In the email alert, we also show the past history around when the proposal was opened, the IP being used, the browser and device the contact has used to open the proposal.

How do we do this?
Every proposal an agent or property manager creates within ProposalPoint has a unique link designated to the potential client who the digital proposal has being created for. We then track each time the potential client goes to that link and we save this record into the database.

How agents are using this information?
From discussions with our clients there are numerous benefits to obtaining information around client’s engagement with your proposals. Knowledge is power and with power you as an agent or property manager will increase your chances of winning the listing.

  • Understand their interest in your services

You’ll know exactly how many times a potential vendor or landlord has opened their proposal. So naturally, the more times they view a proposal meaning the higher the probability they are interested in your services.

  • Understand whether they’ve shared the proposal

We show you the time, IP Address, device and browser the potential client has used to view the proposal. This means if multiple devices, browsers and IP’s are looking at the proposal around the same time then more likely than not the potential client has shared the proposal with trusted advises or family. Again, a positive sign around their interest and engagement with your proposal.

  • Arm yourself with data for your next meeting

By understanding when and how many times they have viewed your proposal can provide you with valuable information for your next meeting with the potential client. You can ask them questions around the proposal ie “Have you had a chance to view my proposal” with their answers providing you with insights into their personality and negotiation tactics.

  • Know when next to communicate

You may decide the best time to follow up with a client is straight after your are alerted they have open the proposal. Others believe the best time to call is the following day after the potential client opens the proposal. Each agent and property manager will have their own formula but what is important is you now have the ability to make this decision

As you can see there are many benefits from the data collected around digital proposals that agents and property managers can use to better inform and time communications with landlords and vendors.

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