The Biggest Challenges with Real Estate Proposals

This year as part of our recent visit to AREC we conducted a survey to find out what the two biggest challenges real estate agents had with their proposals. We will have more analysis and information to come from the results but first we need to announce the lucky winner of the prize that was on offer!

Steven Fan from Ray White Parramatta Group has won the $1,000 prize that was up for grabs as part of our AREC survey. Steven is the Managing Director and Group Selling Principal and has over 20 years of experience in Real Estate. He has won multiple industry awards including being a top 100 agent four times!

When asked what his two biggest challenges with proposals are he selected “The time it takes to produce it” and “Not being seen differently from other agents.”

The time it takes to produce a real estate proposal is one of the major challenges we hear about time and time again from agents and when we interview our clients about ProposalPoint they consistently praise how quickly they can now produce a personalised real estate proposal. Steven said “It’s always good to get proposals out as fast as possible and with a product like ProposalPoint we wouldn’t have any issues adjusting the formatting of our proposals. It won’t take up a lot of our time when we need to make changes.”

At the end of the day an effective pre-list kit or sales / management appraisal or any sort of Real Estate proposal is about setting yourself apart from your competitors. While there are many factors that go into winning a listing your proposals are your chance to leave another great impression and have your listing presentation remembered every time the potential vendor or landlord views your proposal. Steven said “A product like ProposalPoint means it would be quite simple to personalise our proposals enough to stand out from our competitors.”

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey and look forward to sharing the complete results with you shortly.