Real estate proposal software

In relation to technology, real estate proposal software has been lagging behind other areas of the real estate industry in regard to technology.

Up until the launch of ProposalPoint’s digital real estate proposal software in May 2017 there was actually no specific software available to create proposals within the real estate industry. For sure, there were digital proposal software solutions for generic businesses outside of the real estate space. However, none of these solutions could be tailored to meet the needs of a real estate agent when they are pitching their services to landlords and vendors.

Key characteristics a digital real estate proposal should include

  • Information specific to the property being appraised
  • Comparable sales and sold listings
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Marketing Budget
  • Campaign Calendars
  • Current Suburb Stats
  • Agency track record/sold listings
  • Sample marketing materials

Check out a sample proposal and some of the key content and custom layouts. You’ll soon realize that an off-the-shelf proposal software won’t have the flexibility nor scalability to meet the requirements of a real estate agency.

So what are the key benefits of using real estate proposal software?

  1. Save time and cost – when producing appraisals and produce proposals more efficiently
  2. Different Yourself – be more tech savvy than your competition
  3. Know When to Call – see when clients are viewing the proposal so you know the best time to call.
  4. Stay Front-of Mind – retarget ads via Facebook & Google to increase brand recognition
  5. Manage Pipeline More Effectively – update potential clients regularly
  6. Consistent Proposals – create proposal templates for consistency

As you can see, real estate proposal software is a niche area that requires a substantial tech investment along with experience within the real estate industry. This is something we have within ProposalPoint and as you can view from our continual updates to our software we are committed to evolving our software to be the global supplier of real estate proposal software.