ProposalPoint November Updates

This month we have had several important updates to ProposalPoint services. There is a new custom email draft, new URL structure, Weekly Email Summary, Digital Signatures and Facebook Pixel.

Agents are now able to track their progress with weekly reports. You can customise your emails more fully with the custom subject and content you can also add in a custom signature as well.


Custom Email Draft

Now, we can change the email subject and content as per the client wants.


New URL Structure

We change the URL structure to make it shorter and SEO friendly.
Before, a URL, for example, was But now, the URL becomes


Weekly Email Summary

To provide a weekly email to agents who have the proposal in ProposalPoint around the engagement with the proposal.
An email will be sent to the agent with a summary of their proposal. The email will have summary stats that link through to a unique link for that agent.
The summary consists of Created Draft, Published Proposal, Approved Proposal, Expired Proposal.

Digital Signature

ProposalPoint has a Digital Signature features. This feature has the ability to digitally sign a proposal as documents do.
Once the ProposalPoint have been signed, then it can’t be changed.

Facebook Pixel

ProposalPoint currently installed Facebook Pixel. It will capture a visitor data and use this data to target people on Facebook with relevant ads.