ProposalPoint launches new integration with easyAdpay to help vendors buy more VPA

easyAdpay is a product of easyBondpay, which was launched in the Real Estate space back in February 2016. We now successfully have over 3000 agencies across Australia offering easyBondpay to their tenants as a way to secure their property faster, allowing for a lower vacancy rate. We saw a need for a similar service offering in the Sales space, so in 2018 we launched easyAdpay.

It’s important for us as a company to be transparent with the costs associated with using our products. We want our agencies and our clients (the vendors) to know that this is the most convenient and affordable option to pay their advertising costs- allowing them (the vendor) to pay these costs off over 6 monthly installments, where the agency receives the full amount upfront, the same business day*.

It’s important as an industry that we understand the importance of cash flow and convenience. Our vendors, much like tenants, are after options in terms of how they pay for things such as advertising costs. We have the solution for an agency to now offer this as an option to all of their vendors to pay the cost associated with advertising their property.

We have recently added a calculator feature to our website. This is a great tool for agents to take advantage of- it will instantly give them a quote online for their vendors. It also allows the vendor to easily and transparently see what the costs are to use easyAdpay.

If you would like to offer easyAdpay to your clients please use the contact below:

Katie Cotton
0428 640 278