ProposalPoint January Updates

ProposalPoint January Updates are available to see below! We have had a productive start to the year with 3 new key features being added.

Search features have been added into our sales section, Template change logs have been incorporated to reduce any potential loss of data inserted, and OAuth flow for Pricefinder has been implemented in the “Search Properties” section.

SEARCH feature added in OUR SALES
Now, we have a SEARCH feature in OUR SALES section. No need to scroll the page anymore. Just type the address you are looking for.

Template Change Logcomparable sales
Currently, we have a Template ChangeLog feature. This feature helps to avoid any issues that cause the template to become empty. Therefore, if there’s an error, then the template will revert back automatically.

OAuth flow for Pricefinder
We have implemented the OAuth flow for Pricefinder.
To access this, you need to click the “Search Properties” in the Comparable Listing sections. And, then Login to Pricefinder. If successful, it will redirect you to our ProposalPoint site.