Property Management Proposals With Impact

Property Management is one of the areas of real estate that requires extra sharp attention to detail. Owners of lease properties actively look for PM services that are easily accessible and increasingly proactive as opposed to reactive.

Tedious processes bring the procrastinator out in all of us, and if your proposals still rely on clients printing, signing, scanning and returning the document, you could be losing significant ground to your competitors.

So, when it comes to securing more than just the rental listing, follow these tips to ensure your PM proposal is easy to access, easy to track and easy to sign while hitting all the right notes with your audience.


These days, sending a prospect or client an impersonal boilerplate style proposal tells people that you don’t value their business enough to devote some time into winning it. After all, for most Australians, investment properties represent a significant portion of their assets, and they want to know they will receive top-notch, personalised service when they engage PM services.

However, you don’t need to start from scratch every time you want to put a proposal together.

Digital proposals are fully customisable, so you can include your branding, photos of the actual property and all the relevant info for each prospect that you target. Not only will this make clients feel like you truly want their business, it will let them know that you understand who they are and what their needs include.


Among the many variables that paper-based proposals present is the lack of clarity around when a prospect has looked at their document and how deeply they have reviewed it.

In order to know instantly when clients are looking at your proposals, whether they shared it with anybody else, what sections they inspected and how long they spent reviewing the individual elements, your best option is to leverage the power of digital proposals.

Knowledge is power and timing is everything, so being able to identify when a proposal has been viewed is an excellent way to identify when to follow prospects up. This enhances your chances of converting them when they are red-hot and ready to go and ensures there’s no lag period during which they become disengaged from your proposal and pursue other options.


Static content is fine as legacy resource material, but for maximum impact dynamic, intuitive and interactive content is king. For this reason, utilising interactive content can really help your proposal stand out from the stack your client has no doubt been given.

Digital proposals allow you to supply an image gallery, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, Vimeo and YouTube videos, live Google Maps, 3D tours, and the list goes on.

By employing different innovative technologies that can be embedded within a digital proposal, your prospects can interact with your proposal, bringing it to life and helping them view their property and the possibilities it holds in a new light.


Getting clients to sign proposal agreements used to require good timing, sustained subtle encouragement and a huge amount of patience. Now, your clients can give you sign off via any device they access your proposal on with the built-in e-signatures offered by digital proposals.

Not only does this make getting sign off a much less stressful and labour intensive task for you, but it makes everything infinitely easier for you clients – and the easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to approve the proposal.


With Proposalpoint digital proposal solutions, you can get ahead of the pack, position yourself as a premium service provider and obtain the mantle of the go-to agent in your local area.

Get in touch today or check out how digital proposals can transform how you manage your workflow and drastically boost your lead conversion rates here.