Online Real Estate Appraisals

The Power of Seeing How Clients Interact With a Proposal

A winning listing appraisal is a great asset to a real estate agent. However, it is only an asset if it can convert the leads you have put time and money into generating into more listings. Just like it is vital for real estate agents to constantly evaluate their interactions with landlords and vendors when they are pitching it is also vital to evaluate your proposal in the same way and measure how many appraisals translate into listings. A real estate proposal app makes it easy is to measure your success and find areas for improvement.

Client Interactions with your Proposal

When clients view a real estate proposal they tend to look over the information a number of times (and your competitors’ proposals that they are speaking to as well) before making a decision or requesting more information. The more times a potential vendor or landlord opens and looks at your proposal the more interested they are. Receiving real time alerts from your online real estate appraisal is extremely valuable as you know when the vendor or landlord is looking and can time your follow-up call accordingly. With such data, you know exactly when they looked at your proposal, how many times and for how long.

A real estate proposal app will also give you much more insight into what parts of your offering your potential vendor or landlord might be most interested in or most concerned about. If you are currently using hard copy proposals and you had the ability to see what sections of your proposal your potential client looked at and for how long and which sections they ignored would you find that useful before calling them for a follow-up? With a real estate proposal app you will be able to see how long a vendor or landlord spent looking at your fee. Session replays allow you to see a screen capture of exactly what your potential client looked at each time they viewed your proposal and for how long. Heatmapping will display this information in a quick and easy to read way.

Proposal Evaluation and Business Assessment

Business decisions are based off data, the easier it is to gather accurate data, the easier it is to measure your business performance. This is what online real estate appraisals and platforms offer. The data your platform provides will help you analyse everything from your conversion rates (e.g. from lead to appraisal or appraisal to listing) to the performance of your proposals. If a lot of clients are skipping over a particular section you can adjust the wording or make it shorter to reduce the friction your potential clients experience when reading your proposal.

Real estate proposal apps and online real estate appraisals are great tools for a real estate business. The value they add to the listing process to the impact they have on profitability of the agency makes them a must-have for your business.