Online Proposal Software

Why clients expect digital proposals and how that can benefit your business

Traditional hard copy proposals are being phased out and are being replaced by online proposals. Technology is rapidly changing and this trend towards electronic communication cannot be ignored. What clients look for and expect in the service they receive and the way it is delivered is also moving with this trend. Online proposals and appraisals are a great way to take advantage of these changes as they are one of the first impressions of your service and marketing skills.

You may have heard that online appraisals are becoming more popular in the real estate industry but never understood why. The increase in productivity your business will gain is reason enough to start using a digital proposal platform. However, we also understand the importance of a proposal to your brand so we work with you to tailor your proposals to match your brand and your target market in the property space. Your clients will find the proposal appealing, responsive, and easy to navigate. This is what online proposals are all about.

Our digital proposal platform will also improve the overall workflow of your organisation. Two major areas where this technology is having a major impact are efficiency and accuracy. The system offers many advantages and features, which will help your business remain competitive and impress your future and existing clients.

Benefits of using online proposal software

Digital communication is an expectation from clients as well as a trend in businesses worldwide. However, the going digital trend should not be the only reason you look at online proposal software. The following benefits and features of the software should help break down what your business stands to gain from using proposal software.

  • First impression – The platform’s templates are slick, professional, fully adjustable and customisable so you can create electronic proposals that capture the eye of your potential clients. It further allows you to edit or adjust each proposal based on who you are pitching to.
  • Save time – The software is template based to minimise rework. It also has built-in tools that improve the overall workflow of the appraisal creation process by having integration with data services like Pricefinder/APM and CoreLogic/RP Data. It is also synced with most real estate CRMs as well as having other data saved for easy use like testimonials, references, campaign calendars, marketing schedules and lots more. This guarantees efficiency while allowing you to tailor each real estate appraisal to the client.
  • Ability to track proposal interactions – Online proposal software provides the ability to be notified when a potential client views their proposal allowing you to better time your follow-up communication. It also allows you to record and track how clients interact with your proposals which gives you valuable insight into what is important to them as well as areas of your proposal you may want to improve.
  • Elimination of paperwork – Digital proposals minimise the use of paperwork. As such, the case of proposals being lost in a pile along with the proposals of your competitors is a thing of the past. A digital proposal is also easily searched for by a potential client in their email or text messages when they want to come back to it (and you get alerted that they have gone back to look at it!)
  • Save money – The set-up and ongoing costs are low. Winning one extra listing by using the platform will easily cover the costs of using it. With the use of a great electronic proposal system the business improves on its sales numbers and with it, increases its revenue. The platform will also reduce costs with the time saved on the creation of each appraisal. Thus, the system becomes an asset for your business.

The value the best online proposal software provides for your business combined with the experience it provides for your clients is the reason these system are becoming so popular among leading real estate agents in Australia and worldwide.