New Features Added in July

The team at ProposalPoint were quite busy during the month of June adding features to our core digital proposal software. The below features were deployed to the system and made available to all customer’s Dashboards.

1. Geolocation information around proposal open location

We’ve added geolocation information to the email notifications that Agents receive each time clients open their proposals. This feature helps agents determine whether a proposal has been charged with multiple potential clients (i.e., numerous vendors of a property).

2. Email what marketing items are selected

When clients select additional Marketing Investments items, they proceed with a proposal. It is now recorded and included in the email that goes to the agent after the client clicks proceed.

3. Ability to adjust proposal status within the Dashboard.

The action allows a user to change the proposal status between the draft, published, approved, expired and archived/delete.

4. Proposal Author removal from Proposal editor.

This feature allows users to be able to see who created the proposal and is the author. If the author is not one of the Listing Agents, then they won’t appear on the frontend of the proposal. Anyone who creates a proposal will now automatically be flagged as the proposal Author.

5. Reminder to Save Changes

When you are editing a proposal and move the mouse to leave the page by going to one of the navigation items in the sidebar, you will be prompted about whether you want to proceed without saving the data. Notably, this was a feature request improvement from some clients.

6. Add in additional commission structure

Another request from customers was to add in additional sales commission structure based on a Scaled Commission formula. Currently, agents can say the commission is tiered so that clients will pay a percentage up to a benchmark level. For sales beyond this amount, the client will be charged a more substantial commission value on the difference between the sales price and benchmark price.