New Feature: Session Replays and Heat Mapping

This exciting new feature allows you to see how potential clients interact with your proposals. You will see a recording of each time a proposal is viewed as well as heat maps to quickly see what is important to your potential clients.

When you look at a proposal you will see the date and time it was viewed as normal but you will also see the option to watch a session replay. This will show you a video of what your potential client saw on their screen while viewing your digital proposal. You can see which sections they spent a lot of time looking at and which sections they skipped over fairly quickly.

You are also able to see a heatmap which will show you where they clicked and which sections of the proposal they looked at and for how long. If there has been more than one view of a proposal then this will show you the average time spent in each section. This can be a more efficient way to see what in your proposal most interests your potential client before you follow-up with them.