New Feature: RealTime Agent Integration

Real Estate Agents using ProposalPoint can now open up the Real-time agent application with a click of a button from a proposal. This provides them with a digital point of sale experience, creating a seamless end to end solution.

To complete the RealTIme Agent integration with your ProposalPoint account, please sign up with RealTIme Agent and let us know so we can configure the set up for you.

Once the integration is configured from our end, you then have the ability to enable the RealTime Agent module for a proposal. When you are creating a proposal, you will notice that on Step 3, in the Proposal Editor there is a checkbox to enable RealTime Agent module under the Our Recent Sales section.

If the checkbox is checked and the proposal is published, this creates a button in the digital proposal that opens up the RealTime Agent app on your device when it is clicked. A screenshot showing the button in the digital proposal is demonstrated below.