New Feature: easyAdpay Integration

Integration with easyAdpay allows vendors to pay for their marketing costs over 6 easy monthly installments easing the financial pressure of paying for advertising upfront. To have an easyAdpay integration with your ProposalPoint account, you need to have an account set up with easyAdpay. Once your easyAdpay account is set up, then let us know and we will complete the integration from our end.

Once the easyAdpay integration is complete, you can then start creating proposals including the easyAdpay component. We allow this component to be enabled per proposal.

Check out the video example below for a demo!

When creating a proposal, you will notice, under the Marketing Schedule section in Proposal Editor Step 3, there is a checkbox that allows you to enable easyAdpay as shown in the screenshot below.

Once, the easyAdpay module is checked and the proposal is published. You can then share the proposal with your vendors and they will be able to click on the “Pay Marketing Now” button to pay for their marketing costs with easyAdpay installments.