New Feature: Agentbox Integration

We have been working very hard with Agentbox to create a great new time saving integration between our innovative digital real estate proposal platform and one of the most popular and leading real estate CRMs on the market.

This integration stops you from having to enter your data twice. You simply create an appraisal in Agentbox as you normally would. Instead of then opening ProposalPoint to start creating your electronic appraisal you simply click the “ProposalPoint” button and it will open directly in your new proposal screen with the data transferred from Agentbox to ProposalPoint.

This will also leave a note in Agentbox with the unique link to your proposal and each time the proposal is viewed you will continue to receive an email from ProposalPoint but with this integration a note will also be left in Agentbox.

If you are an existing Agentbox and ProposalPoint user please email to have this integration activated.