McConnell Bourn Digital Proposals

15/04/2019 by Ryan O'Grady

We are thrilled with the beautiful custom built digital real estate proposal solution we have just launched for McConnell Bourn. McConnell Bourn are an extremely successful boutique real estate agency on the North Shore of Sydney. With experienced professionals Matthew Bourn, Samantha Bourn and Suzanne McConnell at the helm this agency has seen great success since launching in 2000.

McConnell Bourn have always strived to adapt and innovate in an ever-changing market and understand the importance of partnerships to modernise and advance their real estate services and offering. Lauren Warner is the Innovations & Growth Manager and oversees the marketing team at McConnell Bourn to make sure their brand is continually improving. Lauren was deeply involved throughout this custom built electronic real estate proposal build.

“ProposalPoint have done a great job at delivering on our project. They have been super responsive and are always keeping us updated on progress. Very happy clients!”

Lauren Warner, Innovations & Growth Manager, McConnell Bourn

It was important for McConnell Bourn to have fully bespoke and unique digital real estate proposals that championed their specially curated brand and worked with the innovative team structure they have implemented to ensure their real estate agents and property managers have more time for advising their clients.

It is not only the design of McConnell Bourn’s electronic real estate proposals that are custom and bespoke but also the functionality and backend. We worked with the team to integrate with the software solutions and data sources they wanted to use for their proposals and made sure the backend was simple and intuitive to make sure platform not only presented their brand in the best light but also helped them to save time and win more listings.

We are very proud of this project and believe the McConnell Bourn team have created truly unique real estate proposals that sets their brand and agency upart from the competition. McConnell Bourn are thrilled with the solution and Lauren Warner stated that “ProposalPoint have done a great job at delivering on our project. They have been super responsive and are always keeping us updated on progress. Very happy clients!”

Ryan O'Grady
Ryan O'Grady Founding and operating digital web services businesses, Ryan has a passion for technology and over 10 years of experience delivering online services to the classifieds verticals in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
Team ProposalPoint, I just wanted to let you know that I won a listing yesterday over another agent, mainly due to the Proposal Point software.
They were so impressed by the proposal that all the other agents really had no chance.
Braden Walters McGrath Estate Agents
Real Estate
From the first proposal we sent out to a potential vendor we realised this was going to be a game changer for us, I use this for all of my sales appraisals and the potential vendors soon turn in the vendors for Lynham Real Estate!
Nathan Lynham Lynham Real Estate Agents
Real Estate
We are always looking for software and products that help our business especially at boat shows where the speak to hundreds of visitors who all receive paper brochures, ProposalPoint is a real point of difference as it is sent via SMS/email, is personalised and give us great intelligence on who may be interested and allows us to keep in touch with clients through social media
Mike Joyce Dealer Principal Riviera Sydney
ProposalPoint allows us to contact clients at the most suitable time. When we are notified of the proposal being opened, is when we call. It's more appropriate and our agents are there when questions need to be answered. There is less delay, making the process more seamless which results in our company winning more listings.
Tim Mumford Partner and Residential Sales
Real Estate
I have looked at and used some other software packages for proposals over the years, however ProposalPoint is the only provider I have seen that allows our proposals to be built quickly and easily, are fully customisable and on brand every time!
Tavis Standen
Real Estate
Our agency has been very impressed with not only the professional design and function of the ProposalPoint templates but also the level of customer service provided by the team. ProposalPoint has given our agency a competitive advantage above other local agencies ultimately resulting in increased appraisals and listings.
David Newton Newton Real Estate
Real Estate

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