Introduction to Proposal Point

Traditionally real estate agents will pitch their services to a potential vendor via delivering them a printed pre-listing kit. Likewise, during a sales presentation, they will provide the vendor with a printed sales proposal.

Given the advances in technology, this primitive method used by agents to pitch their services is ripe for disruption. ProposalPoint has developed a digital listing presentation product that allows agents to present their service proposition in an innovative and contemporary way.


introduction to proposal point

These digital proposals allow an agent to provide vendors with a media-rich and interactive experience when presenting their services. As well as offer a technological point of difference from their competitors who are all still presenting their services in paper format.

Via the interactive presentation, an agent can track a potential vendors engagement with the proposal helping the agent know when the best time is to call the vendor and potentially close a deal. Also, through facebook and google pixels, the real estate agent can retarget advertising and marketing messages to the potential property owner. This allows the agent to reinforce their brand to the client, which eventually will have the effect of helping during the conversion process.

You can check out all the features of our digital listing presentations and the benefits around moving your proposals offline to an online format. Contact us for more detail!