How digital real estate proposals has benefited a leading agent

Braden Walter’s in a leading McGrath real estate agent and is a firm believer in digital real estate proposals. In the interview below Braden explains how his experience has been with ProposalPoint along with the impact the digital real estate proposals has had on his business and the first impressions vendor have of Braden after he delivers them his digital proposal.

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So I work in the McGrath Ballina office, which is just south of Byron Bay. I like that office a bit better than the hustle and bustle in Byron, but we are obviously one group. I was lucky to be approached by the guys at ProposalPoint and really lucky to be as part of that demo or part of the trial phase. Because after many discussions with the guys, I knew it was a great product, and I knew it would be perfect for the type of person I am, and where I could see the real estate market going.

ProposalPoint’s allowed us to create…we’ll reinvent ourselves as our own team. So we run our own team under the McGrath umbrella. Win ratio has been excellent. I mean, some we’ve just flat out won because of the technology. Some, you know, when we said to them, “Did our competitor provide you with the same proposal software that we’ve provided?” And they’ve said, “No, they haven’t. They sent us this thick book of paper and we got a bit lost in it all.” And the clients just say, “Well, mate, you’ve got it.” There’s no way to compete with us with this software.

I think the guys have developed ProposalPoint so that it is easy for a real estate agent. It is a very simple product to use. There’s not a lot you can get wrong in ProposalPoint. The fact that you can actually see and be notified when the client goes and opens the page or the proposal, is a massive, massive tool.

My favorite part of the new interface is being able to see how many proposals we’ve sent out versus how many have been accepted. So being able to track the fact that you may have sent out 14 in the last month and only six have accepted makes you wanna call the others and say, “Well, why haven’t you accepted?” Or, “Is there any questions?” You’ve got a target based on the proposals you’ve sent out, why haven’t you had converted them?

I’m always giving Agentpoint my feedback. So they love hearing new things and I think, as the industry progresses, we’re gonna need to keep evolving that. And I think being…the guys at Agentpoint and ProposalPoint are being so helpful. We’re trying to make sure that we’re offering the best thing that we can. And if something that sets my business apart that I want tailored, they’re the first to say, “Yes, we can do that for you.” These guys at Agentpoint do a great job.

I’d certainly encourage anyone who is looking to restart a new agency, or a new area, or a new brand to get in touch with the guys at Agentpoint and ProposalPoint. Because I know that they can tailor something for every individual.