Electronic Real Estate Proposals

Electronic real estate proposals are gaining a lot of traction in the real estate industry as they are an effective way to differentiate a business from their competitors. Potential clients expect email contact so being able to send them a beautiful appraisal that they can easily view on their phone, tablet or computer is a huge advantage.

Digital appraisals are also quick and easy to create and on-brand everytime but there are many other benefits of electronic appraisals which help agents convert more appraisals into listings. One of these is the ability to re-target internet and social media advertising directly to potential clients who have viewed your proposal.

Benefits of adding remarketing to your digital proposals

Often, a potential client will look at a digital proposal or sales appraisal and not make a decision immediately. As a real estate agent, you need to follow-up (often a number of times) with them before they make a decision.
To make a critical real estate decision, many marketers suggest that a potential customer has to view an appraisal several times. Essentially, repetition is crucial in marketing as a single exposure is not enough to convince a client to make a final decision.

How to add remarketing to your electronic real estate proposals

The process of proposal remarketing is usually straightforward for any real estate agent. Google and Facebook have made this possible as they allow you to remarket advertisements so that the people who previously viewed your digital appraisal see your ads. To launch remarketing, simply tag the digital proposals of the clients that you want to see your brand ‘follow’ them when they are online. After you add the code, any individual who earlier visited your real estate appraisal will see the advertisements when browsing the internet. Even when they visit other relevant websites, customers will view ads that the Google Display Network serves them.

Remarketing is a cost-effective strategy that usually attracts a number of benefits:

Brand exposure: a potential client is more likely to make a decision about their property after being exposed to your brand a number of times. Proposal remarketing is an excellent way of continually reminding potential customers, who have already interacted with you, of your brand.
High conversion rates: the conversion rates of advertising campaigns become higher due to continued brand exposure. In the case where potential customers see your digital proposal and your brand a number of times the chances of them becoming future clients will be higher.
Favorable ROI: when the conversion rates are high, the effect is that the cost per sale will be lower and your return on marketing investment will be better.
Large potential audience: depending on demographics or interests, you are able to target specific real estate customers through remarketing efforts.
Flexible budget: when remarketing your electronic real estate proposals you have complete control of your budget, just like with other Google and Facebook advertising campaigns. You can also see the best performing real estate websites in the Display Network, to optimise budgets and maximise conversions for your digital proposals.

Proposal remarketing is one of the most effective ways a real estate agent can leverage online advertising to win more vendors or landlords. You will get more business when you remarket to individuals who had earlier shown interest in your brand. Apart from increasing the rate of leads that convert to listings, an additional impression from remarketing regularly will remind existing customers about your real estate brand.