Digital Real Estate Proposals

Digital proposals offer many benefits to real estate agencies to win more business and save you time. As a real estate agent your listing presentation and appraisals are of huge importance and should be something you update and refine over time. Here is an assessment of the value and benefits that digital real estate proposals offer.

Real estate appraisal software and comparables / CMAs

Gone are the days where you have to attach a separate document of CMAs or copy and paste the information into your appraisal. This could look unprofessional and can add a lot of time it takes to put an appraisal together. This is a problem digital proposals remedy. With Pricefinder / APM or CoreLogic / RP Data integration you are able to easily find comparables by searching by suburb or radius and can also narrow down your search by bed/bath/parking/price etc. You are then able to easily edit the data and seamlessly add it to your proposal template so it matches your brand.

Real estate CRM integration with digital proposals

Prospective vendors and landlords are usually looking for a real estate agent or property manager that can sell or lease their property in a timely fashion for the maximum price. While it is important that your proposal outlines your experience, service difference and sales and marketing expertise it is results that really prove your value. With a digital real estate proposal you are easily able to search your recently sold and leased properties to find the most appropriate successes to showcase.

Use Rate My Agent to display your testimonials

This feature on real estate appraisal software helps your clients assess your service and results as an agent. Rate My Agent is becoming a more widely used and trusted platform to find up-to-date and real feedback from past clients. Having Rate My Agent integrated in your proposals allows your potential vendor or landlord to see your latest ratings and testimonials without you having to update them. This is also an advantage as it helps build trust in your service as you do not pick and choose which feedback is displayed.

DocuSign allows vendors to sign your agency agreement online instantly

Real estate agencies are starting to embrace electronic agency agreements to reduce paperwork and let clients sign up for their services at a time and place convenient for them. This removes the need to schedule an appointment for the signing of the agreement and also means a client can sign on the dotted line as soon as they have made their decision. This saves you time but also reduces the change of a vendor or landlord getting cold feet. Using digital real estate proposals you are able to integrate your DocuSign agreement into your proposal so the whole process is seamless for your client and you.

Digital proposals have transformed many industries but because real estate is an industry that uses a number of data sources it is important you choose a solution that is specific to the real estate industry and able to integrate with the systems and services you use on a daily basis. The time you save using an industry specific real estate appraisal software is often worth more than the cost of using the system. This saving is before you account for other advantages like the features that help you win more business that traditional or PDF proposals do not offer.