Digital Proposal Software

It is becoming more common for businesses that offer professional services to use digital proposal software to efficiently create on-brand proposals that are convenient for potential clients and allow for the business to make use of handy marketing features like proposal engagement alerts and Facebook and Google remarketing. Many a range of different businesses are using this technology like real estate agents, mortgage brokers, business brokers and many other financial services.

Proposal design

Producing a proposal, appraisal or quote can be a very time consuming process. Often the proposal will need to have input from a number of staff and will need to include data from numerous sources. The proposal that is created is often a very long document so it is important to consider it’s design, branding and how information is displayed.

Proposals are now often submitted electronically so they can be designed to be exciting and eye-catching. That is why proposal design specialists are crucial as they are capable of displaying the necessary information in a visually appealing and on-brand design.

Use of a design template

If you use digital proposal software you can create a design template that is relevant to the project as well as attractive. A template is basically a pattern or base design that ensures the digital proposal has all relevant information and a clear creative vision. To make your digital proposal appealing and memorable to potential clients you will need to engage the audience. Of course, for the potential client to see the proposal as appealing and engaging having quality content is just as crucial as the design of the digital proposal.

Advantages of using a design template

When issuing a proposal you want your digital proposal to have all the required information, be easy for your client to read and find the information they need as well as projecting a professional image of your business. Using digital proposal software is the best way to create a more focused and appealing document that will receive more interest. Your proposal looks even better when it looks more professional and more attractive. Improvements to the digital proposal will range from highlighting major points to creating a professional and easy to navigate layout. So when writing a proposal make sure to come up with a digital proposal design that is able to encompass these elements in your document to get all the benefits of an electronic proposal.

Major factors to consider in the design of a proposal template

In the design of digital proposal templates there are a number of key factors to consider;

a) Use a professional looking layout to design your pages
When it comes to digital proposals the best option is usually a grid structure or grid-based layout. The document will appear more organised and professional. A proposal will look more attractive when it has plenty of white space on its sides, short paragraphs, and information displayed in a consistent, on-brand format.

b) Use lists
Lists will make important information stand-out, be more memorable and be easier for your potential client to digest. For example “key points” boxes in the design template can highlight the details that are the most important that your potential client remembers.

c) Include images and graphics
You should add eye catching photos and graphics into a digital proposal design template. Just like any quote or proposal, visuals are necessary elements that help you explain your services and points of difference as well as being an easy way to display statistics or data.