Riviera Sydney

“We are always looking for software and products that help our business especially at boat shows where the speak to hundreds of visitors who all receive paper brochures, ProposalPoint is a real point of difference as it is sent via SMS/email, is personalised and give us great intelligence on who may be interested and allows us to keep in touch with clients through social media”

Mike Joyce has been in the business of selling luxury boats and motor yachts for over 30 years, primarily new and used Riviera Boats. Based at key locations on Sydney Harbour his team at Riviera Sydney are always busy looking after the requirements of discerning boat owners.

Mike is Riviera’s longest-serving broker having personally sold hundreds of luxury boats during his career and has built up a top class team around him who also excel in new and used boat sales and just as importantly after-sales service, training and support. Mike and his team make sure that each new family is made to feel part of the Riviera family and are invited to many great Riviera events both in Sydney and at the factory on the Gold Coast.

Each year the Riviera team visit and exhibit at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show and Sydney International Boat Show, which are 2 of the key boat shows in Australia.

When ProposalPoint was launched Mike quickly saw the software as a great way for the team to quickly send through to boat show visitors a preset digital brochure. The brochure shows all of the attributes of the Riviera Boat range and Riviera Sydney unique service proposition plus new boats and news.

Each brochure is sent from a tablet or phone device with a web-based form containing 5 fields, First Name, 2nd name, email address, mobile number and notes for the broker pertaining to the conversation with a client. Once the details are entered the client receives an email and SMS with a unique link to a brochure which is personalised for the client and displays the best Riviera and R Marine Sydney has to offer including text, images and video.

Next step is a critical part of the sales process and a custom button at the base of the proposal invites clients to get back in contact with the team, who are notified via email when a customer would like to make contact.

Each time a client views the brochure the relevant sales agent and principal is notified allowing real-time intelligence on who is very interested.

Re-targeting is also possible due to social media codes being added to each brochure.