Braden Walters

“Team ProposalPoint, I just wanted to let you know that I won a listing yesterday over another agent, mainly due to the Proposal Point software. They were so impressed by the proposal that all the other agents really had no chance.”

The name Braden Walters is a well-known name within the Real Estate Industry in Australia.

So far Braden has enjoyed a long and highly successful sales career with Belle Property, selling over $1 Billion dollars worth of Real Estate and winning multiple awards.

These awards include the Award for Excellence for Residential Sales from the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW) and membership of the Australian Top 100 in the Real Estate Business Awards.

Braden is a proven industry leader, having served as Director of the REINSW.

After enjoying great success in Newtown, Sydney, Braden and wife Andrea decided on a bold sea change plan and moved the family up to Lennox Head and continue selling real estate there.

Starting again from scratch to establish himself in a brand new location has taken hard work and patience. Coupled with this hard work, Braden also embraces technology to assist in marketing himself and his clients’ properties. He also started out with a new Agent website to build his profile –

Braden also took an early look at some exciting new software in June 2017 called ProposalPoint, which could help him get more listings by creating stunning Digital Proposals to send as either pre-listing kits or full sales proposals.

The effect was immediate as Braden stated to win more listings due to this technology. Braden was kind enough to send us a lovely note attributing a new listing won with the assistance of Proposal Point.