10 Questions with Tim Mumford from Stone Real Estate

During the month of August we interviewed Tim Mumford who is a top ranking sales agents on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is ranked in the top 5% of agents nationwide. Tim discusses how ProposalPoint has integrated within Team Mumford and what this has meant for him in relation to the number of new listings he is winning.

Client Profile

  • Name Tim Mumford
  • Position Partner and Residential Sales
  • Agency Stone Real Estate
  • Speciality Residential Sales
  • Years in Real Estate 10 + years
  • How long have you been using ProposalPoint Software?6 months
  • How many more listings are you winning because of ProposalPoint?25% to 50% more listings
  • What is the feedback from potential vendors receiving proposals via ProposalPoint?Very professional, modern, straight forward, clean, easier to share and understand.
  • Would you recommend this software to your colleagues and other agents in the real estate industry?Yes 100%.
  • What is your favourite part of the software?How it can be sent to mobiles, desktops, ipad ect.
  • Is the software easy for anyone in the office to use?Yes extremely easy.
  • So you use the Pre-list kit and full sales appraisal version?Yes we use the product both in pre-appraisals and also for full appraisals.
  • Best win you’ve had from using ProposalPoint?Someone we sent the proposal too advised they didn’t want to proceed, then we received a notification 3 weeks later indicating they had just opened the proposal. We ended up winning that listing due to our persistence in regard to keeping in contact with that vendor (as we knew they were looking at the proposal) even after they denied us the business.
  • How long does it take to build a proposal? Do you print it as well to give to the potential vendor?Less than 15 mins to build and deliver a complete sales appraisal.
  • How would you describe how the software has changed your lead-to-appraisal-to-client process?The software has allows us to contact clients at suitable times. When we are notified of the proposal being opened, is when we call. It’s more appropriate and our agents are there when the questions need to be answered. There is less delay and makes the process more seamless.