10 Questions with Tavis Standen from Standen Estate Agents

During the month of September we interviewed Tavis Standen who is a top ranking sales agent in Sydney and holds the record for the highest residential transactions in Sydney’s most expensive median suburb. Tavis discusses how ProposalPoint has allowed him to demonstrate to prospective clients the unique value proposition he provides for all real estate transactions.

Client Profile

Name: Tavis Standen

Position: Group CEO

Agency: Standen Estate Agents

Speciality: Residential Sales

Years in Real Estate: 13 years

  • How long have you been using ProposalPoint Software?
    6 months
  • How many more listings are you winning because of ProposalPoint?
    Up to 10%
  • What is the feedback from potential vendors receiving proposals via ProposalPoint?
    Our clients love our digital listing presentations. ProposalPoint is in brand with our commitment to utilising the latest technology for our clients.
  • Would you recommend this software to your colleagues and other agents in the real estate industry?
    Proposalpoint is a game changer.
  • What is your favourite feature within the software?
    Being able to respond to our clients needs promptly and ensure we are in the best position to secure more listings
  • Is the software easy for anyone in the office to use?
    The dashboard and platform is simple to use, and enables our agents to send out professional listing presentations in brand everytime, without needing to wait for administration teams assistance.
  • So you use the Pre-list kit and full sales appraisal version? Pre- list and Full sales version
    Not as yet as we are working on building a new one
  • How would you describe how the software has changed your lead-to-appraisal-to-client process?
    Proposal point allows our agents to update in live time their proposals and gives the clients an opportunity to interact and be involved in the listing process.
  • Would you mind providing us with a quote around ProposalPoint which we can add to our website?
    Enabling our agents to send their proposals faster, in brand, and more professional than ever before.