10 Questions with Sarah Fowell from Morton

During the month of January we interviewed Sarah Fowell the Marketing Manager of the highly successful Sydney boutique real estate group Morton. Sarah discusses how ProposalPoint has integrated within their multi office business and the impact the software is having on transformed the appraisal to listing process.

Client Profile

  • Name Sarah Fowell
  • Position Marketing Manager
  • Agency Morton
  • Speciality Residential Sales, Property Management
  • Years in Real Estate
  • How long have you been using ProposalPoint Software?
    8 months
  • How many more listings are you winning because of ProposalPoint?
    10% to 25%
  • What is the feedback from potential vendors receiving proposals via ProposalPoint?
    – Agent Testimonial – “it is something new in our marketplace and the clients are receiving this well as it is simple to navigate and looks professional. It is giving us the upper hand and backing up our message of being professionals”.
    – Agent Testimonial: “Proposal point feedback had been amazing. It looks awesome on iPhone”.
    – Client Testimonial – “Thank you so much Darren!! This is a very impressive proposal!! I will speak to the development team and get back to you”.
  • Would you recommend this software to your colleagues and other agents in the real estate industry?
    Yes, and have
  • What is your favorite feature within the software?
    – From a marketing perspective, the ease of updating the proposals.
    – From an agent perspective, the speed of being able to produce a proposal.
  • Is the software easy for anyone in the office to use?
  • What are the different type of proposal templates you are using?
    Sales – introduction, submission and marketing
  • Best win you’ve had from using ProposalPoint?
    From a marketing perspective, the software is so easy to use I had no issues training our sales agents on how to use it then fully embrace it
  • How long does it take to build a proposal?
    Depends on the proposal
    – less than 1 minute for marketing
    – less than 2 minutes for an introduction
    – less than 10 minutes for a submission
  • How would you describe how the software has changed your lead-to-appraisal-to-client process?
    Our agents are able to produce proposals so quickly we’ve been able to build time back into their day allowing them more prospecting/nurture time.
    With this speed in turnaround, our clients are receiving an introduction within minutes of a phone conversation. And the submissions are created equally quickly and efficiently after an appraisal.
    We can see our clients engaging with our proposals, giving us a greater insight into how interested they are and what in particular they are interested in.
    Overall, I would say our conversion rates have gone up whilst the time spent generating proposals has gone down considerably.
  • Would you mind providing us with a quote around ProposalPoint which we can add to our website?
    “At Morton we are always looking for ways to help our agents do a better job and win more listings. ProposalPoint has been a turning point in allowing us to do this. We have saved our agents time and stress, we have upgraded the information we provide our clients whilst improving our delivery times and quality of presentation, and we have won more listings. I can’t recommend ProposalPoint enough”.