10 Questions with Nathan Lynham from Lynham Real Estate

During July we interviewed Nathan Lynham who is a young and upcoming real estate agent in Townsville and is quickly gaining traction in his local market. In this interview, we discuss how Nathan has been using ProposalPoint within his business and what this has meant for him concerning the number of new listings he is winning.

Client Profile

  • Name Nathan Lynham
  • Position Sales Agent
  • Agency Lynham Real Estate
  • Speciality Residential Sales
  • Years in Real Estate 9 Years
  • How long have you been using ProposalPoint Software?I have been using the ProposalPoint software for 14 months
  • How many more listings are you winning because of ProposalPoint?50 – 75% more listings
  • What is the feedback from potential vendors receiving proposals via ProposalPoint?Potential vendors are constantly amazed by the simplicity of the proposal that are being received and the ability to view the proposal on their computer or handheld devices.
  • Would you recommend this software to your colleagues and other agents in the real estate industry?I would not hesitate to recommend this software to anyone in the industry not only due it allowing a more efficient way of proposal but as a point of difference. I personally think it’s a game changer for our office and adds to the boutique feel we are trying to give our agency.
  • What is your favourite part of the software?The ability to integrate between our property database and allowing data to be directly imported into our proposal would be my favorite part of the software. But, I must also mention the fact that one can see when the seller opens the proposal — we know when they look at it and time our follow calls.
  • Is the software easy for anyone in the office to use?Given the process being streamlined, it has allowed for all of our colleagues to use the software to its full potential. It’s easy to show someone how to prepare a proposal from start to finish, and then pick it up quickly.
  • So you use the Pre-list kit and full sales appraisal version?Yes, we use both sides of the system so that we can easily track the level of interactions between the proposal and the client.
  • Best win you’ve had from using ProposalPoint?The best win I have was a builder’s display home for a professional couple in which we went up against one of the top agents in the Townsville. The owners felt the proposal was a cut above what competing agents offered.
  • How long does it take to build a proposal? Do you print it as well to give to the potential vendor?Around 10 Minutes including research on the home and cross-referencing the information. The integration with Pricefinder is a real timesaver, and I find the whole process from start to finish seamlessly.
  • Do you have any new feature suggestions around how we can evolve the software?I would like to have choices around choosing what commission value to use. At the moment if we enter a price range, it picks the commission based on the higher figure. We would like the option via tick box to say what the commission is based on.