10 Questions with Braden Walters from Belle Property

Each month we plan to sit down with one of our ProposalPoint clients to discuss how they are using ProposalPoint to produce digital listing presentations that win more business.

The first client we want to share our interview with is Braden Walters.

Client Profile

Name: Braden Walters

Position: Sales Agent & Chair- Real Estate Institute of NSW Residential Sales Chapter

Agency: Belle Property Byron Bay/Lennox Head

Speciality: Residential Sales and New Land Releases

  • How long have you been using ProposalPoint Software?I have been using the ProposalPoint software for approx 12 months now.
  • How many listings or what % of your new business can you attribute to the ProposalPoint software?I use PP for every listing presentation now, and we have had a success rate of 70% appraisal to the listing.
  • What is the feedback from potential vendors receiving proposals via ProposalPoint?They are impressed by the professionalism and the cutting edge technology. They love how simple it is to read and how seamless it is to proceed.
  • Would you recommend this software to your colleagues and other agents in the real estate industry?I would highly recommend the software. Not only does it save so much time, it also saves the environment being completely paperless.
  • What is your favourite part of the software?I love being able to track the activity on the proposal, to see when they open the page and track their experience.
  • Is the software easy for anyone in the office to use?Once it is set up, if you are able to do an appraisal, you can use this software. Just drag & drop or tick a box. Simple.
  • So you use the Pre-list kit and full sales appraisal version?Yes! I use the Prelisting Kit for the initial contact, then once the appraisal has taken place I transfer the client to the proposal.
  • Best win you’ve had from using ProposalPoint?The best win would be a listing to a younger professional vendor. He was blown away by the software that he actually shared it with his friends, family & relatives in NZ (one of which who was another agent there). They all went WOW! So, I secured the listing pretty easily from that point.
  • How long does it take to build a proposal? Do you print it as well to give to the potential vendor?It now takes me approx 7 mins to complete the Proposal. This includes putting together the CMA and Suburb Statistics. I have only printed the proposal once in the last 12 months. Most clients can view on their laptops or desktops and appreciate saving the paper.
  • After a hugely successful career in Sydney and subsequent sea change, how has Agentpoint software helped you to build your profile from scratch?AgentPoint has been a fabulous partner for me since taking part on our seachange. I like to align myself and my business with the best, and this is no different. AgentPoint was able to give me the right advice and offered exactly what I needed to re-establish myself. They are always available for support and also customise everything to suit our marketplace.