Free Real Estate Proposal Template

All real estate professionals need a great proposal to pitch their services to potential clients and stand out from their competitors. Download our FREE Proposal Template to see how to create a clear proposal with the services you offer and your points of differences in a comprehensive way.

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Send Digital Proposals That Impress Vendors And Landlords

Stand out from the crowd

With increased competition from other agents showing similar proposals, there can be a lack of a point of difference. Digital proposals gives you the technological edge to stand out from other agents, with bespoke and interactive digital proposals that win more listings.

Personalise for each client

With paper-based proposals, there isn’t much room for personalisation. Bespoke real estate proposals are essential to impressing future clients and winning new business. ProposalPoint allows you to easily create a proposal that meets the specific needs and attributes of a client.

Save time and cost

Real estate proposals can be time-consuming and tedious to produce, especially given your busy schedule. ProposalPoint allows you to save time by creating a proposal tailored to your client in just a few clicks, and present it instantly.

Know when they are reading it

A challenge with closing a new client is not knowing if they’ve read your proposal. With ProposalPoint you will instantly know when clients are viewing it, if they shared it, what sections they looked at and for how long, so you can follow-up with them in an effective and well-informed way.

Key Integrations

ProposalPoint integrates with leading technology used by real estate professionals, to build proposals quicker and with the most up to date, relevant data. Integrations include: Pricefinder and CoreLogic for the latest sales and for lease property information; RateMyAgent, TrustPilot and Google for agent reviews; DocuSign for digital signatures on all proposals sent; AgentBox, REX and other leading CRMs for customer and proposal information; Facebook & Instagram for automated proposal follow-up.

Bespoke Solution

Every Real Estate Professional is unique, with their own method of presenting which is why ProposalPoint is completely customisable and allows you to apply your own branding, messaging and presentation flow just the way you like it. This way, you can play to your strengths and deliver your best presentation, every time.