ProposalPoint Training Video 4: Profile

Still within the ProposalPoint dashboard area, you’ll see on the left-hand side there a profile tab. If you click on that, this is where you can access some important information about you as the agent. So if you scroll down here you can see that this is your username, you can amend that to whatever you wish, your name details there of course, the email address is very important because this is where any correspondence from opened proposals will be sent to so that each time you are notified. You can put your website, phone details, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links in there. If you did forget your password, you can get a new password and click that button there as you can see, and that will send that through to your email address as per above.

Your credentials, you can mark this as however you wish as this will appear in the proposal to whatever you have listed here, your listings that have been sold, your clearance rate for the last particular time as noted above. So this is all changeable and you can use that to market your services. Obviously, you’ve got your picture there that you can add or change, if you didn’t like that particular one, you can add to your profile or amend your profile, you can put any links in there that may go to external websites or other parts of social media, things like that, so that’s a very important section. You can also add your RateMyAgent widget here so that any of your other references and testimonials can be viewed within the proposal automatically. So if you need a hand with that just let us know and we can help you add that. But that’s where you would see that added as well and then you can just do a quick simple update proposal and then head back to the dashboard and keep making proposals.